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About ESF

Earth’s Special Forces, also known as ESF, is a half-life modification created by team and first released back in August 2000 (latest stable release of the game is ESF 1.2.3). The modification is based on the hit anime series, Dragonball Z. Earth’s Special Forces include nine playable characters who are able to fight using numerous beam attacks as well as close hand-to-hand combat. ESF mixes both elements to bring intense fast paced combat with a twist of strategy and skill. Each character is geared towards a different style of play. Some are meant for energy attacks, while others have the advantage in melee fights.


We are a Earth’s Special Forces community aiming to bring back ESF to it’s glory days. With up-to-date content such as characters, skills, plugins and other expansions everyone can enjoy our servers!

Our servers are running SCX modification specifically designed for our servers, the mod allows us to add different types of characters, transformations, beams and etc. Much like ecx mod but without losing some of the most important vanilla ESF mechanics such as speed, teleportation and more, so that everyone, including the old players could enjoy our servers.

Note: isin’t associated with in any way.